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We produce results that not only meet but also exceed expectations by combining our construction industry expertise and creative thinking.
Let's work together to transform your ideas into remarkable custom builds that come to life.

A construction worker hard at work on a custom build.

About Elk Ridge Construction

The essence of aiding individuals runs deep in Elk Ridge Construction. No matter the build and no matter the project we’re always the driving force behind great work, great quality, and great communication. Regardless of how many meetings you want or ideas you have, we’re right there ready to talk it through without nickel and diming you. At Elk Ridge Construction, we are driven by our passion for our clients and seeing their ideas become a build.

Let's Build Transparency

Too many people have been lied to or taken advantage of by contractors. We're here to change that. Our business sits on the promise to always deliver openness–in every conversation, in every package we show, in every deadline we hit or miss, and in the craftsmanship of every job we complete. We're traditional in our thinking and modern in our building–no fluff, just old-fashioned hard work.


We recognize the importance of having mutual trust and respect.


We promote open and honest communication among employees and clients


We value the freedom to express yourself and respecting others’ freedom to do the same.

We place high importance on honesty, transparency, and openness. These values foster trust, promote authentic connections, and cultivate an environment conducive to growth and most importantly partnerships.

Experienced Construction Experts You Can Rely On

Tim and Preston jointly own Elk Ridge Construction. They have years of experience in the construction industry. Tim has over 30 years of experience and Preston has over 25. Together, they emphasize the importance of building for you. They want Elk Ridge to be the place where people knew they could trust and know that their project is getting done and getting done right

Meet Preston Hoffmeyer

Co-Owner & Founder

With nearly 25 years of practical experience in construction management and contracting services, Preston is a highly skilled manager providing unparalleled expertise to clients. He has successfully managed safety, scope, execution, schedule, and budget on numerous large-scale construction projects worldwide across various industry disciplines and geographical areas. As a Project and Construction Manager, he led environmental construction and remediation projects in multiple locations, ensuring soil excavation, dewatering, and site grading with utmost precision. Preston excelled in developing wind farms in the renewable energy sector in Oklahoma and Texas, securing permits, finalizing budgets, and collaborating with engineering groups to ensure seamless execution. His contributions also extended to converting an 80 MW coal power plant to biomass in Florida as a Mechanical Superintendent. Preston’s diverse skill set and commitment to safety make him an invaluable asset while delivering exceptional results for every Elk Ridge Construction client.

Headshot of Meet Preston Hoffmeyer, co-owner & founder of Elk Ridge Construction in Lincoln, NE.

Meet Tim Snyder

Co-Owner & Founder

With a wealth of experience in project organization, management, budgeting, sales, and communication, Tim Snyder stands as a seasoned professional with a strategic mindset and meticulous attention to detail. A graduate in Automotive Technologies and a Carpenter Graduate from the San Francisco CA Lather Local 68 apprenticeship program, Tim’s educational background complements his visionary leadership. He is renowned for spearheading groundbreaking projects like the 84,000-square-foot LEED Gold Sand Hill underground parking garage with a two-story office space. Tim’s expertise overseeing budgets, projections, and fostering a safe working environment coupled with an unwavering commitment to excellence, make Tim a valuable asset to the Elk Ridge Construction team.

Headshot of Tim Snyder, co-owner & founder of Elk Ridge Construction in Lincoln, NE.

Meet Savannah Brym

Office Manager

Savannah Brym’s story is a testament to the power of hard work, determination, and a deep-rooted connection to her humble beginnings. Born and raised in a tight-knit community in small-town Nebraska, Savannah’s journey is marked by her invaluable experiences within a construction-oriented family, her relentless pursuit of education, and her passion for coaching volleyball.  Savannah has her sights on higher education while working with Elk Ridge.  Drawing from her family’s entrepreneurial spirit and her own experiences, Savannah developed a keen understanding of financial markets and management principles.  In her spare time, Savannah helps with high school volleyball and takes care of animals.

Headshot of Savannah Brym, office manager for Elk Ridge Construction in Lincoln, NE